Robin Hood

I really wasn’t in the mood for going anywhere at all on this wet evening, and certainly not to a pantomime, but within about 30 seconds of the show starting I began to enjoy myself, by the first act finale I was choked up with the loveliness of it all and by the end – well, let’s say I felt a lot happier than when I’d walked into the theatre some two and a half hours earlier, and Doctor Theatre had definitely cured my blues. 

Peter Pan

AS Bournemouth’s biggest Christmas show, the Pavilion pantomime is always a popular event over the festive period. Going to these shows for as many years as I can remember, I've never seen the audience as full as it was last night (9th December), especially on one of the first nights. With a huge buzz of excitement in the air, the anticipation that this would be a good night was high. And we were right.

Treasure Island The Curse Of The Pearl Necklace

ABOVE the Stag return this year with their fifth Christmas pantomime. Following the success of last year’s ‘Jack Off the Beanstalk’ they’re back for the full pantomime season, bringing their fans ‘Treasure Island the Curse of the Pearl Necklace’ this year, following the story of the search for treasure and love.

For Your Tomorrow

WITHOUT question, this is the hardest review I have ever had to write. Not because I didn’t enjoy the show – I did, but more because the subject material presented has a power and depth all of its own, and none of my meagre words could ever come close to doing that justice.  Nonetheless, I will try.

The Rights Of Man

THERE were three sounds that were significant at this world premiere performance tonight – seagulls’ cries, an alarm and sniffing. An unusual combination perhaps, and apart from the first probably not things you might expect from an adaptation of Herman Melville’s novella Billy Budd - but all will be revealed in due course.

White Christmas

WHEN Theatre 2000’s co-founder, Bertie Brown, died back in June it rocked the company to its core but everyone pulled together and decided to carry on with all planned productions in his memory. This, the first of those shows, couldn’t have been a better tribute to a man who had loved the theatre with every fibre of his being, and I know he would have been so proud of what the company has achieved with this outstanding production, in which Georgina Smith took on the director’s mantle.

Day Of Reckoning

PAM Valentine’s bittersweet comedy is set in a small community somewhere in rural England and revolves around that highlight of many groups’ summer activities, the annual fete, from first planning meeting to the actual event. Although I’d seen the play before and remembered the gist of it, thankfully it was long enough ago that the finer details had faded into the mists of time and I really had no idea of how it would all end.

Showtime Variations With Sarah-Louise Ellard and Friends

THIS group of friends consists of familiar faces from local theatre and show-time, so the members could all sing and move well and therefore it would be difficult to single out individuals. It was clearly a well-rehearsed team effort brought together by Sarah-Louise Ellard with assistance from Peter Ward and Elle Wolf. The show kicked off and closed with excellent excerpts from The Lion King, where the whole group was impressive in song and dance.

Dawn French: Thirty Million Minutes

THIS one-woman show, Dawn French’s first ever solo tour, feels rather more like a couple of hours spent in the company of a close friend, chatting about days past, than anything else. I’m sure the lady sitting in the row behind me had that feeling, since she spent most of the evening verbally responding with comments of her own – no doubt to the amusement of her friends but certainly not to the rest of us near her. 

The Ladykillers

I confess to never having seen the original 1955 film on which this play is based, but as I understand that Graham Linehan’s adaptation, although following the original story, veers towards the farcical and slapstick, perhaps that doesn’t matter very much.


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