A Presentation of Performed Verse/One Season's King

BOURNEMOUTH Little Theatre’s Studio Workshop, currently run by Jack Snell, exists to give members of varying experience and ability the opportunity to learn more about the art of performance and to demonstrate their new-found knowledge in front of an audience – never an easy task and one where nerves can quickly take over.

Easter Holiday Special

HAVING wowed audiences in Christchurch over the last couple of years with their Christmas Spectacular, The Glad Rag Production Company have turned their attention to the season of cute bunnies, baby chicks and chocolate eggs. You may not find any of those things in this show, but you will meet a very fetching cow, Daisy.


COPACABANA, the Musical, started life as a well-known song, which was inspired by a conversation between Barry Manilow and song writer Bruce Sussman at the Copacabana Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, when they discussed whether there had ever been a song called “Copacabana”.

The River

THE author of plays like ‘Mojo’ and ‘Jerusalem’, Jez Butterworth is one of our outstanding contemporary playwrights. His plays are always thought-provoking, sometimes difficult to deconstruct, but very rarely dull. ‘The River’ is no exception. The author claims that he ‘just wanted to write a play about fishing’, but that is disingenuous.

Hot Mikado

IF you’re a G&S purist then maybe this show isn’t for you. If, however, you really don’t mind what’s done with G&S, as long as it’s done well, then you should definitely be beating a path to the door of Ringwood School Theatre before this super production finishes its run on Saturday.

The Maintenance Man

ALTHOUGH I spend a great deal of my time at the theatre, until tonight I had never seen this play, written by Richard Harris in 1986, nor visited this theatre, opened just last year and part of St Aldhelm’s Academy.

All My Sons

ALL My Sons is the 1947 play that launched the career of Arthur Miller, after the playwright had decided it would represent “the last throw of the dice” of his writing career following a number of poor commercial offerings previously. Anyone who is already familiar with the plot will know why it was successful – there are numerous complexities within it, and within each of the main characters, that highlight the price individuals are willing to pay to protect the people they love from facing up to the realities of their lives and their actions.

Stepping Out

THIS is one of those plays that pops up with some regularity, so I am pretty familiar with it. However, listening to comments around me it was clear that quite a few of the audience had seen only the film, and that had drawn them to this production. I’m sure that they won’t have been disappointed, because although Liza Minnelli, Julie Walters, Shelley Winters et al were conspicuous by their absence, this really was a very good show indeed, thanks to the production team of Barbara Evans (director) and Rosie Thomas (choreographer).


SWANAGE Musical Theatre Company are accomplished conjurors. The pool of talent in Swanage cannot be great and the facilities at the Mowlem are creaking a bit, yet every year the company produces, like a rabbit out of a hat, a show of a standard that compares well with any musical theatre company in the area. Nor do they play safe: they choose ambitious shows that are challenging to stage, but time after time they bring it off. After ‘Hello, Dolly’ two years ago and ‘Stepping Out’ last year, they achieve an enviable hat-trick with this production of ‘Annie’.

Jam Sponge

IT is rare for me to give up time in the middle of the day to review a very short production, but when graduating student Richard Alexander asked me to go along to the showcase that he and fellow student Kate Staunton would be performing this evening, I was gutted to have to refuse as I had a prior engagement. Luckily they had a lunchtime dress rehearsal, so…


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